An In-Depth Analysis of the Orion Bar 10000 Puffs

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The use of the Orion term—which means healthier and so better—is one way the brand stands apart. However, this is not Orion’s sole claim to fame. Record sales have been achieved by its smart heating system. Products with minimally harmful components, great design, and pure flavor have been developed after years of testing.

Orion Bar 10000 Puffs may be relatively new to the vaping market, but it has already established standards that its rivals must meet. A cheap option for anyone trying to kick the habit, it’s tiny enough to fit in a purse or the palm of your hand. This puff-to-vape system is perfect for first-timers because it is both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. The outstanding performance and longevity of this brand are its selling points. 



To keep you vaping, a 650mAh battery is included, which supports USB-C quick charging. Consistent and delicious flavor is the goal of the 1.0 mesh coil’s design. You can see how much batter and juice are left on the Orion Bar 10000’s LED display.

Building and Design Proficiency 

The mouthpiece and colored plastic make up about two-thirds of the body. It subtly displays the words “Lost Vape” on these small raised blocks. It gives the gadget an all-around appealing quality that rivals don’t have.

The battery compartment can be seen through the remaining third, which is composed of see-through plastic. A vibrant battery wrap featuring the Orion Bar logo and flavor attributes encases the battery. The wrap is color-coded to match the rest of the gadget and has a design that looks like waves. Under the battery compartment, you can see some of the board, and on one side, you’ll see a little LED screen.


The fact that disposables now have screens is fantastic. It’s great that a throwaway can show you the % of battery life and the amount of electricity left. And we think Orion Bar 10000 Puffs does an excellent job with it. With each puff, it lights up with a number, a percentage symbol, and a small battery indicator. 

The battery compartment is visible through the other half, which is constructed of see-through plastic. A vibrant battery wrap featuring the Orion Bar logo and flavor attributes encircles the battery. The wrapping is color-coded to match the device and has the appearance of liquid waves. Upon removing the battery compartment, one can observe the circuitry and a tiny LED display may be found on one side.


Sour Raspberry Apple

Raspberry Sour Apple is a delightful blend of sweet raspberry flavor and tart green apple acidity. The raspberry, which tastes like candy, slightly overwhelms the apple, but otherwise, the fruit flavors are fun and interesting. 

Summertime With Strawberry

The sugary strawberry goes wonderfully with the tang of orange and lemon. The vape has a sparkling fruit flavor. We would prefer a stronger strawberry flavor; that’s the only complaint.

Burst of Grapes

The inhale of Grape Burst is a burst of luscious, sugary grapes, and the exhale is a cloud of sticky grape deliciousness. Imagine sipping a glass of Welch’s grape soda. This is great for people who like really sweet grape candy, but we find it to be overly artificial and sugary.

Delicious Ice Cream

Lush Ice is a frosty blend of sweet watermelon fragrance and chilling menthol. The strong menthol takes center stage, with the watermelon candy flavor taking a back seat. This is perfect for those chilly winter months when you really want to chill down.

Ice-Cold Blue Razz

Blue Razz Ice perfectly captures the flavor characteristic of blue raspberry candies with their signature effervescent sweetness. The luscious raspberry is cooled down by a blast of icy menthol, creating the “Ice” impression. It perfectly captures the essence of this beloved taste.

Florida Mint

Like a refreshing mojito on a sweltering beach day, Miami Mint brings a refreshing wash of minty coolness. With a little sweetness that keeps it from becoming heavy, the mint shines through. Those who enjoy menthol and are looking for a way to chill down will adore this.


Having tested the new high-capacity discard, the Lost Vape Orion Bar 10,000, and even the Snowwolf Smart HD 15k, we must say that it is impressive. It usually does quite well on basic performance metrics, including taste, battery life, and draw activation. The flavors are highlighted by the authentic fruit features, not by the artificial sugar undertones. The design and plastic quality may use some work, but it’s still strong enough for one-time use. The wide variety of flavors available is another selling point of Orion Bar 10000 Puffs disposables. No consumer will be able to resist the irresistible combination of classic cola and cotton candy tastes. 

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