Why Pharmaceuticals is warming up to Thermal Pallet Covers?

Why Pharmaceuticals is warming up to Thermal Pallet Covers

What’s driving Pharma’s interest in Thermal Pallet Covers? With 2021 as base year, the thermal insulated pallet covers’ application growth in the pharmaceutical industry is forecasted to nearly double by 2028. From US$ 1.24 Billion to US$2.3 Billion. The CAGR of 9.2% is projected on a valid dataset. Most think tanks agree that in a post pandemic world, Pharmaceutical Industry is growing leaps and bounds and Pharma Cold chain is ever busy for its enablement. Thermal Pallet covers offer an optimum solution. Not only as an effective defense against temperature excursions; but they are hugely cost-effective too.

The Pharma Cold-Chain is the primary stake holder of Public Health & rightly so.

No one wants to compromise with health. It is the proverbial wealth. The Pandemic has shifted the focus to Public health and more so towards Preventive Health. The American Pharmaceutical Industry and else where too, it is a case of all hands-on-deck to present original research and innovation in health products spanning medicines, supplements and vaccines. The Pharma R&D sector has undoubtedly delivered to people expectations in the last two years; whether in a commercial lab or a university research labs .

Remember, they developed the COVID Vaccine in less than 18 months,.

But here’s the problem…

Till the time the pharma-innovation can be packed and delivered safely to people; It is only but a scientific idea. This is where Pharma Cold Chain takes the rein into it’s hands. North America (including USA, Canada and Mexico ) remains the biggest market for Pharma cold chain in general and Thermal Pallet Covers in particular.

What is Pharma Cold-Chain ?

A lot of pharmaceutical products are required to maintain temperature integrity for their desired outcomes. Pharma cold chain is a temperature controlled supply chain, where products are stored and shipped at low temperatures. To the success imperative of medicinal items, particularly the ones categorized as Life Sciences Products, an interrupted cold chain where prescribed temperatures are constantly maintained, is indispensable. In simpler terms Pharmaceutical cold chain management is a form of logistics management where shipments are stored, transported and delivered within a specific low temperature range. For obvious reasons, It becomes all the more challenging in international transit.

How Thermal Pallet Covers are solving Pharma’s woes?

Insulated Pallet covers and blankets aid in maintaining controlled temperatures of a shipment. The use case could be keeping the cargo warm or cold, in most cases cold. They are rigorously lab-tested to protect Temperature Sensitive Cargo for any thermal damage while in transit. While it works on a simple convection and insulation concept, if you choose a correct thermal pallet cover, it will be a robust shield against temperature spikes and will avoid heat exchange from the ambient temperature unit.

Thermal Pallet Manufacturers around the globe are also upping the ante with progressive innovation. At Mettcover Global, we manufacture thermal pallet covers in over 16 different material grades to suit a diversified temperature profile. Sizes too, are custom made in over 100 variations. The innovation in developing material grades is a sophisticated industrial process. The covers provide additional security for water resistance and temper proofing.

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