Why Does a Used iPhone 11 Pro Have Low Battery Health

Battery degradation is an issue that every smartphone or any battery-powered device faces at some point in its life span. However, the most prominent smartphone manufacturer that faces heat because of it is Apple

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With some updates in iOS, Apple has started to add a battery health section in all of its devices, including a used iPhone 11 Pro. However, you may notice that the battery health will start to fall slowly but surely, but why is that?

Today, I’ll be telling you why a used iPhone 11 Pro has low battery health.

In this article, I’ll be coving the following:

  • What is battery health
  • Why does a used iPhone 11 Pro have low battery health
  • Preventive measures to slow down battery degradation 

For those in the dark, let’s start by going over what battery health is.

What Is Battery Health

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Battery health refers to a battery’s overall condition and performance over time. It includes factors like the capacity, charge cycle count, age, temperature, and discharge rate of a battery. A healthy battery is one that has the ability to power devices for long periods of time without losing charge quickly or deteriorating in quality due to age or usage. Good battery health means that the device will be able to function properly for longer periods of time with fewer charging cycles required over its lifespan. 

Furthermore, poor battery health can lead to decreased performance and reliability, overheating issues, and even potential safety hazards. Regularly checking battery health can help identify any potential problems before they become serious, allowing users to diagnose and correct issues before they become costly or dangerous. However, I won’t recommend it because you’ll always be in constant distress that your mobile phone’s battery is degrading.

Normally, this issue has been with older phones like a used iPhone 11 Pro or an iPhone XR. Both of the devices are a few years old, which significantly affects the battery health. In conclusion, good battery health is essential for the optimal performance of a device over time. Understanding and monitoring battery health help users get the most out of their devices with fewer charging cycles required and less risk of safety hazards or damage.

Why Does a Used iPhone 11 Pro Have Low Battery Health

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Now, the main question is why a used iPhone 11 Pro has such low battery health. It can be caused due to several things. Most of the time, the battery wears out over time as a result of wear and tear. All batteries will eventually degrade, especially if they are not properly taken care of or replaced when needed. 

Even with regular use, iPhones will slowly lose their battery capacity due to age-related issues such as increased internal resistance, broken or corroded terminals, and dried-out electrolytes inside the battery packs. This happens on a used iPhone 11 Pro (or any old phone) because it has gone through 500 charge cycles. Even if you fully charge the battery one time a day, it can take up to 1.5 years to see battery degradation.

Another reason why a used iPhone 11 Pro might have low battery health is that it could be damaged due to physical trauma or water exposure. Physical damage to batteries can come from dropping the device, dust buildup in the ports preventing proper charging, or even just general wear and tear. 

Additionally, water damage can also cause serious battery issues. If the iPhone and its internal components are exposed to liquid, it can corrode contact points on the battery and other components, resulting in a decrease in overall performance. 

Another reason why battery degradation can occur is when you update your iOS to the latest version. Now, this is the very reason why Apple started to add a battery health option in the setting section. This normally occurs because the latest version of iOS is more powerful than the hardware. The same is true for 3-4 years old phones, which are starting to lag. It occurs because the hardware is starting to get old, and to give a consistent experience, they drop down the battery’s health.

In conclusion, a used iPhone 11 Pro with low battery health may have various causes, such as age-related wear and tear, physical damage due to trauma or water exposure, and software-related glitches. It is important to identify the root cause of an issue in order to properly address it. Many times, a battery replacement will be necessary to bring the device back up to optimal performance levels. 

If you find that your used iPhone 11 Pro has low battery health, we recommend that you seek help from an Apple-certified technician or take it to an Apple store for further assessment and diagnostics.

Preventive Measures to Slow Down Battery Degradation

Since we’ve established that no matter what, the battery health of a used iPhone 11 Pro will degrade over time. However, you can take some preventive measures to slow down the process.

  1. Charge your device correctly: Avoid deep discharging and overcharging the battery by charging it only when needed, up to a maximum of 80% capacity. 
  2. Keep your device cool: Do not expose your device to extreme temperatures, as this can cause permanent damage to your battery and reduce its life expectancy. 
  3. Limit high power-consuming activities: Avoid excessive video streaming, gaming, or heavy web browsing, which consumes a lot of power and drains the battery quickly. 
  4. Reduce screen brightness & timeouts: Dimming the screen brightness and reducing the timeout period will help preserve battery power. 
  5. Turn off unnecessary features or apps: Turning off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or any other features that are not in use will help conserve battery power. 
  6. Don’t use the phone while charging: Never use your iPhone or any other phone when it’s charging because the output and input of energy can have a diverse effect on the battery.

By following these instructions, you help prolong the battery life of your used iPhone 11 Pro.


You can’t find an iPhone with good battery health in a haystack of used phones. You’re only options are the latest models with some slight battery degradation. But if you find an iPhone 11 Pro with over 80% of battery health, then it’s a good choice.

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