What is process of register trademark online?


The trademark registration process can be completed online easily. The first step is to find a unique mark and make sure that it has not already been registered. Then you should fill out an online trademark registration form and pay the fees, provide office with necessary information, meet filing requirements etc.

find a unique mark

  • You should find a unique mark for your trademark.
  • You can use the name of your company or product as a trademark, but it is not recommended to do so due to the possibility of confusion with other existing trademarks and/or brands in the market.
  • A logo or symbol may also be used as a trademark, but it must be distinctive from other similar logos or symbols used by other businesses in order to avoid trademark infringement disputes later on.

get online trademark registration form

In order to file a trademark application, you must first create an account on the USPTO website. You will then be able to log in and complete your registration process.

When you get to the part where they ask for your mark (word, phrase or logo) make sure you have it ready because once you start filling in that information they won’t let you go back and change it. The next steps are pretty self-explanatory: fill in all needed information into the online form including owner name(s), contact information and mailing address. Then pay fees using a credit card or electronic funds transfer for $225 per class of goods or services associated with your mark (one class per filing). If this is only going to apply just to one type of product – like clothing – then it’s best not include any extra categories such as leather goods/apparel accessories unless there is some reason why those things would apply specifically for what we’re making today (like if there’s some kind

submit an application

After you’ve done that, you can submit an application. You will then be required to pay the filing fee, which is currently $225 per class of goods or services. The USPTO may require a certified copy of your trademark certificate from another country as well as other supporting documents depending on the type of mark you are using and what type of goods or services it is associated with.

Once you have submitted all necessary information and completed all requirements, your application will be evaluated by our examining attorney to determine if it meets filing requirements such as use in commerce or bona fide intention to use in commerce within six months after filing date (if national). If this is not met, we may return your application without further action by our office.

pay the fees

The next step is paying the fees. You can pay them by credit card, cash or check. The fee is dependent on which type of trademark you are applying for.

When choosing a trademark, it’s best to select one that is unique and memorable. A descriptive trademark should be avoided because it lacks the ability to distinguish your product or service from others in the market. The standard for determining whether a mark is descriptive or not is whether it merely describes an ingredient, quality or characteristic of your goods/servicesYou should also be aware that the government charges a fee for trademark registration. The amount depends on which type of trademark you are applying for, but it is generally between $125 and $275 per class..

provide office with necessary information

To register you trademark, you have to provide us with a description of the mark, a drawing of the mark, information about the goods or services associated with the mark and your contact information.

meet filing requirements

  • If you’re thinking of registering a trademark, it’s important that you know what to expect and how to prepare your application.
  • Before you begin the process, make sure that your attorney has all the information they need. This includes:
  • The name of your business or product/service offering
  • The class(es) in which you would like to register your mark (such as clothing and accessories, but not furniture)
  • Any other relevant information about the item for which registration is being sought

Trademark registration process can be completed online easily. It is not necessary to hire a trademark attorney for this purpose. The first step in registering your trademark is to search for the availability of the mark with the USPTO database. You need to determine whether someone else has already registered this name as a trademark, or if it is available for use by you.

If there are no issues with your proposed mark and you have decided to go ahead with its registration then you can file a trademark application directly via the USPTO website ( You will have to pay $275 filing fee at the time of filing and then submit a specimen along with your application which shows how exactly your brand looks like – printed on goods or displayed digitally on websites etc…


The process of USPTO Trademark Filing online is a very simple one. You just need to follow the steps given above. However, before you initiate this process, make sure that your idea or mark is not already registered by someone else in India because if it is already registered then you will have to file an opposition against it before going ahead with registration.


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