What Bunker Codes Are & Their Purpose In Gaming 

Bunker codes are special codes used in various video games to access hidden items, weapons, and other features. These codes are often found in cheats or can be unlocked by completing certain tasks within the game. Bunker codes are most commonly used in first-person shooters and other action-adventure games, but can also be found in other genres.

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Ahead of this article, you will get the purpose of bunker codes in gaming and other relevant information.

The purpose of bunker codes is to provide players with an incentive to progress through the game and unlock secrets that would otherwise be inaccessible. They can provide players with powerful weapons, and special characters, or unlock hidden levels. The codes also provide a layer of protection from cheating, as they are usually not found in the game itself and must be obtained through other means. 

Bunker codes are usually entered at the start of the game, or when the player reaches a certain point in the game. They are usually found in cheat books, online guides, or through other players who have already unlocked them. Additionally, some games allow players to enter the codes during gameplay, usually in the form of a dialogue box or menu. 

Bunker codes can be a great way to add replay value to a game and keep players interested. They also provide a sense of accomplishment, as players are rewarded for their progress. Bunker codes can also be used to unlock extra content, such as bonus levels or extra characters. 

Overall, bunker codes are a useful tool for game developers to add replay value and encourage players to explore and progress further in the game. By unlocking hidden items and features, bunker codes can provide players with an extra layer of challenge and reward.

Does The Bunker Code Change Every Game?

Codes are an important part of most video games, as they can be used to unlock special features or access hidden items. In the game Fortnite, the bunker code is a code that is required to access the bunkers scattered around the map. This code changes every game, so players must remember it or write it down in order to access the bunkers.

The bunker code is generated after each game, meaning that the code is completely different for each match. It is also important to note that the bunker code changes in each game mode, so players must remember the code for each game mode in order to access the bunkers.

The bunker code is a great way to add an extra layer of difficulty and challenge to the game. It helps to keep players on their toes and encourages them to explore and find the bunkers in order to access their content. 

How Do You AFK In A Bunker?

AFK stands for “Away From Keyboard” and is a way to tell other players that you are not available to play the game. To AFK in a bunker, you will need to find a safe spot where you won’t be seen or disturbed. This could be in a corner or behind some cover.

Once you have found your spot, you can then set up your character to stay in that spot. This can be done by equipping a non-combat item, such as a book, and then entering a crouch or prone stance. 

It is important to make sure that your character is not in the line of sight of any enemies or other players, as they will be able to spot you if you are in the open. Once you have set up your character, you can then leave the keyboard and stay AFK in the bunker.

What Are Bunker Codes For Diffrent Games In 2022

Here are the Bunker Codes For various games you can check the list of the codes.

Call of Duty: 

-Dog Tag: 5R6V-F4KM-75VX-9MTP 

-Winter War: 6Y4M-GJKV-F6V7-2QQQ 

-Ghosts: 3Y2P-VFJH-J4KV-PXRK 

-Black Ops III: 2X9V-F6KF-G4V4-4PQP 


-World War I: 6X9Y-G6KM-F2V2-2QQQ 

-Bad Company 2: 9Y8P-VFJX-J3KV-PXRK 

-Hardline: 3Y2Q-VFJH-J3KV-PXRJ 

-Battlefield 4: 4X9V-F6KM-F3V3-4PQP


-Money: 5Y6Q-F6JH-K4VX-9MTP 

-Weapons: 7Y4M-GJ


Bunker codes are codes used to access hidden areas or content in video games. They are usually used to unlock secret levels, weapons, or other content that players wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. Bunker codes are often found within the game itself or in outside sources, such as cheat books or online guides. Bunker codes provide an extra layer of challenge and strategy to a game, allowing players to find and use new content to their advantage.

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