Upcoming KIA Niro EV hybrid specification & prices in 2023


KIA introduce his new car which will come in 2023 names as KIA Niro EV. There is a collaboration between two organization that are KIA motors and Lucky Motor Corporation. Lucky Motor is Car Manufacture Company in South Korea. You can’t suggest that the collaboration is over after this car introduce in market.

KIA Niro EV Hybrid:

2023 KIA Niro EV Hybrid has an estimated range of 253 miles that shows the increase over 2022 KIA Niro EV. This is the most powerful car in Niro Family and its electric powertrain horsepower of 201. The electric fuel economy of this car is 113 mpg-e.

This car support 85KW charger that charge the battery of car from 10 percent to 80 percent in less than 45 minutes. This car battery don’t need a whole night to get charged.

The Kia EV has V2L capability that is vehicle to load. The KIA EV act as a generator in home for home appliances like KIA EV6. It can be useful at home during a power outage. It can be used as power tool when power outlet is too far. There are also other models of KIA Company in KIA Niro EV Series.

Exterior design of KIA Niro EV:

This model of KIA is bold from every angle and you can customize it by every color that you want.

Heat Pump safe Battery:

The purpose of this available Heat Pump is that it save your battery and stay it warm in cold weather condition during driving.

Seats and steering Wheels:

When you are driving in the winter condition then the seats and steering will give you so much enjoy and relaxation. Because KIA make the seats and steering very warm.

Remote Warming:

As I said earlier the seats and steering is designed warm. So KIA Company gives you the better option of remote. The purpose of remote is that whenever you are going to drive the car you can ON the cabin warm through your remote and when you sit in the cabin it is already warm. So, that’s how you can use this feature and enjoy your comfort.

Interior Features of KIA Niro EV Hybrid:

Panoramic Display:

KIA gives a dual panoramic display of 20 inch for driver. This panoramic display can be used as touch screen and there are many capabilities this feature will give you. Like Navigation, Convenience, diagnostic and other information that are important regarding to vehicle. So, this option is really good for the driver.

Comfortable Room:

KIA Niro EV has an ample leg room like Tesla Model 3. The difference is that KIA offer more passenger room then Tesla model 3. So, this is also a great feature of comfort for the passengers that are travel in the car.

Digital Key:

This is also a remote function that KIA provide in this car. By using this feature, you can access your car for locking and unlocking to start the engine. This function can access your vehicle through smartphone. You have option at every time to unlock and unlock your vehicle weather you give your car to your friend. If you are far from vehicle you can easily use this feature to allow the delivery person to leave the parcel in your car.

Display at Head Up:

The purpose of this option is that it will give you the clear view of information regarding performance on the front. Information like Turn by Turn direction or your speed on which you are drive the car.

Connectivity in KIA Niro EV Hybrid:

There is connectivity feature that give you the option to connect your Apple watch or your personal device. You can connect the device or watch through KIA connect app. When you connect your device or watch you can set the temperature of your car through these devices remotely. A common option is also available here is that wireless smartphone option allow you to charge your mobile phone during driving.

Safety Features of KIA Niro EV Hybrid 2023:

Forward Collision:

There is an Avoidance Assist Technology that help you from harsh collision with other cars on road. By using this technology, it will scan the road in advance and apply the brakes automatically when other cars come near to you. This option also detect the vehicle that are behind to you when you turn left on the road.

Blind Spot:

The Avoidance technology will also help you in blind spot. Whenever a vehicle is travelling parallel to you right or left it will alert you so that you know there is a car in your right left side when you are turning. This option is also helpful in parking lots it will detect the cars that are parked near you and alert you.

Price of Niro EV Hybrid:

If we talk globally then the price of this car is 7.5 Million but there is no information regarding the price of KIA Niro EV in Pakistan.


Now I am wrapping my article on KIA Niro EV Hybrid. As you read the article there are so many great feature that this car have like safety features or other exterior or interior design and the performance of this car is also really good. I hope that this article will help you to know the information of this car.

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