Troubleshooting Nextbox WiFi Extender Setup Issues

So, you have Nextbox WiFi extender? If yes, you must congratulate yourself. This is one of the best devices you have opted for. But, 99% of users complain that they are not able to make the most out of their Nextbox WiFi extender due to setup-related issues. Are you also getting the same i.e. Nextbox setup issues? If yes, then you are lucky because we have got your back.

In this post, we have mentioned the common Nextbox Setup issues along with fixes. Thus, without much delay, continue reading!

Why Getting Nextbox Setup Issues?

There are a various reasons behind getting Nextbox setup issues. Have a nudge below to know them. The reason being, if you know the actual reason behind getting Nextbox setup issues, it could be easy for you to resolve it.

  • Outdated firmware

  • Improper Nextbox WiFi extender setup

  • Signal interference

  • Internet connectivity issues also leads to the issue. So, regarding this we suggest you contact the service provider of your internet connection right now.

  • Connectivity issues between Nextbox WiFi extender and router

  • Technical glitches

Fixed: Nextbox Setup Issues

Update the Nextbox Extender’s Firmware

Aren’t you getting the most out of your Nextbox WiFi extender? It means that the firmware of your Nextbox extender has become outdated. Don’t worry! Just ensure to update the firmware your extender right away after performing Nextbox setup via http //re.nextbox.home

One more thing we would like to share with you, please do not interrupt the process of updating Nextbox extender’s firmware. Otherwise, you will ruin you experience with your extender forever.

Are Extender’s Signals Getting Interrupted?

You will surely experience Nextbox setup issues with your WiFi range extender if its signals are getting interrupted. So, to fix this type of issue, simply change the location of your Nextbox WiFi extender. Ensure to locate it closer to your router and away from kitchen appliances, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, and so on.

Configure Your Nextbox Extender Properly

Improper Nextbox extender setup can also let you experience the setup-related issues. Need not to worry! For fixing it, it is suggested to reset your Nextbox WiFi extender back to factory default values and reconfigure it.

Here’s how to reset your Nextbox WiFi extender:

  • Firstly, you have to disconnect your Nextbox WiFi extender and router.

  • Once you are done doing with the disconnecting process, locate the reset hole on your Nextbox WiFi extender.

  • Have you located it? If yes, press it gently using a pin or any similar object you have.

  • Now, hold the Nextbox extender’s reset hole for a few minutes and then you can release it.

Once you are done with resetting your Nextbox WiFi extender, perform Nextbox setup from scratch. We suggest you perform Nextbox setup process this time. How? Do you have Nextbox WiFi extender manual If yes, then read and apply the instructions provided in the manual very carefully.

What? You don’t have the Nextbox WiFi extender manual? Why fear when we are here? We will help you configure your Nextbox WiFi extender in a hassle-free way. Please scroll down a little!

Nextbox Setup using the WPS Method

  • First of all, you have to ensure that your Nextbox WiFi extender and router are placed in close proximity. If not, then consider doing so.

  • Once you are done placing your Nextbox extender and router closer, locate and press the WPS button on your device i.e. the extender.

  • After pressing the Nextbox extender’s WPS button, please do be impatience. Wait for several seconds and then press the WPS button on your main router as well.

  • And, that’s it! In blink of an eye and the Nextbox setup process is completed already using the WPS button.

Still Getting the Same Issue?

If you have applied all the troubleshooting hacks listed above and still you are getting Nextbox setup issues, then we suggest you check the connection between your Nextbox WiFi extender and router. Sometimes, what happen, poor or unstable Ethernet or wireless connection between Nextbox WiFi extender and router leads to setup-related issues. For getting it fixed, all you have to do is to ensure a stable and proper connection between them.

Once you are done applying this hack, restart your devices. As we have already mentioned this, technical glitches can also force you experience Nextbox setup-relegated issues. So, one of the effective hacks to keep technical glitches at bay is to restart your Nextbox WiFi extender and router.

Final Thoughts

Here’s to hope that the hacks we have provided in this article helped you fix Nextbox setup issues. Let’s hope for the best that you won’t encounter with the same issue again.

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