The Importance of Packaging in the Marketing Strategy

In a totally globalized market where producers not only have to compete with other national brands but also with a wide foreign offer, it is increasingly important to highlight and distinguish our product, paying particular attention to its image on the shelf. You can make it possible with the help of quality packaging, and one of the examples is using mylar weed bags near me.

What makes us decide on one product or another when we find ourselves on a supermarket shelf? Quality is the predominant factor. However, if it is the first time we will buy that product or if we have decided to change our usual brand, what factors will make us choose one or the other?

In general, this decision is made unconsciously based on personal traits, memories or experiences that, in one way or another, we find intrinsic in the image of the selected product. Packaging is one of the main aspects influencing the first sight of the product and will condition its sale. Packaging fulfills the function of containing, protecting, disseminating and marketing a product. And not only does it have the function of protecting it, but it must also sell it.

Other Products in the Market

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Often, we find cases of products in which the packaging has become the product’s seal of distinction. This is the case with Pringles potato chips, for example. If we achieve good packaging, which provides identity to our product, it can be a big step to stand out among other products in the market. 

Creativity and innovation in the materials and shapes used in product packaging design are distinctive elements that, in turn, become a direct communication channel between the product and the consumer. 

For example, packaging mylar weed bag near me made with recycled materials provides an ecological value that the consumer will know how to grasp and fix in his ideology with our brand. But it is essential to understand how to convey the desired message in the packaging of our product, and for this, it is necessary to analyze multiple aspects, both physical, aesthetic and functional or emotional.

Functions of Packaging

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As we have already said, the packaging is much more than wrapping; it is a communication channel with the customer that must also meet optimal conservation conditions. The main functions of packaging are threefold:


To maintain or preserve the quality of the product inside, it must ensure the product, sometimes even be shipped or to hinder its theft.


Through its design, the consumer must easily distinguish it from other similar products.


Through the different elements that make it up (labels, colors, shapes, etc.), it must spread the right message so that it helps the consumer choose it.

Types of Packaging

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We distinguish two main groups in which we can classify the different types of products according to their packaging.

By the type of packaging and its function:

Primary. It is directly attached with the product. Wine or water bottles, coffee or candy packages, for example.


It is the one used to protect the primary packaging. Although it can contain only one product, it is generally used to contain several. An example is a box containing toothpaste or a box containing perfume.


These boxes help manufacturers pack their packaging boxes like mylar bags near me for transportation. We usually only see these boxes in supermarkets where they take the products to place them on the shelves.

Depending on the Purpose of the Brand

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It has to do with design, and brands conduct market evaluations to determine which colors, shapes and typographies are most attractive to their customers.


It refers to the information the packaging contains that is useful for the buyer to choose the product. The data is directed to the customer and should convince him/her to make a choice.     


Packaging can distinguish the product from others, and it becomes part of the image and its distinctive.

How to Choose Good Packaging?

When designing or choosing good packaging that transmits the right message, the most advisable thing is always to study the market. Look at your competitors, their designs, and if it really works for them. In addition, analyzing social concerns can give clues to help you choose suitable materials or shapes.

From there, use your imagination and try to be creative to differentiate yourself without compromising the functionality of the packaging like mylar bags near me. Analyze these five factors that seem to be paramount:


This is a significant point and one to be very careful with. Many products are associated with an established color range, and going outside of them can have consequences contrary to what we are looking for. It does not mean that other colors cannot be tried, but playing with the color palette for the product we own is always advisable.



This refers to how we relate the product to the external elements and create appropriate packaging.  


The shape of the packaging is essential to achieve the objective we are looking for, and it creates the product’s aesthetics and other elements such as color, drawings, and text. A change of shape in a product’s packaging can have adverse effects, so it is necessary to study if the advantages compensate them.


We have always heard the phrase, “it’s not what you sell, but how you sell it”. Indeed, marketing strategies are essential, and packaging plays a fundamental role in this work.

Good packaging will be the one that manages to convey the message of purchase above the rest of our competitors, creating distinction over others.

If you have yet to consider this factor in your marketing strategy, take the courage to design good packaging like mylar bags near me, it will surely help you create your own brand image and increase your sales.

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