Best Web3 Investments In 2023 – NFT Trends That You Have To Be Aware Of In A Nutshell

Before we venture into the core of what bought you in, let us begin with a little exploration into the evolution of the internet and commerce. Beginning with the urge of the people to delve into the digital world, they stitched together a wholesome network, or as we call it a ‘read-write’ internet, Web2. Fast forward to decades after, we are now completely drowned, as the era of digitalization, with the commencement of Web3, a ‘read-write-own’ architecture. 

Galloping ahead to commerce, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), are the major source of economy in the blockchain-built crypto world. NFT Marketplace, where all these mountaineering intangible assets are traded, makes use of the concept of decentralization to its fullest, avoiding any intermediaries from involving. This blog will be adding to your NFT-based prospectus with trends that will prosper in 2023. 

NFT Marketplace And Its Market

The still-realizing commerce of NFTs, with the re-iterating commands for profitable trading, has turned a new leaf for business owners. This claim can be substantiated by the NFT market capitalization going over $11.3 billion. 

The total number of NFT holders registered, as we speak is more than 360,000 with customized, rare NFTs being minted every other second around the world. Do you know, the trade of NFT makes up more than 80% of the crypto industry’s value? The sole purpose of offering a sustainable space built over the blockchain is to bridge the gap between business verticals visible in traditional marketplaces. Some of the below listed are lists of NFT marketplace domains that will peak in the coming year!

  • Tickets
  • Coupons 
  • In-game assets
  • Digital Collectibles
  • Domain names
  • Fashion 
  • Sports 
  • Physical assets

Cresting NFT Trends In 2023 That You Must Know About 

NFT Gaming 

NFT Gaming is creating a frenzy among the NFT holders and also the artists for their growing demand. Rather than ending with games, people are more interested to know about the new concept called, Gaming, and Finance (GameFi). The reason is very much direct. The upcoming days with game NFT collectibles look majestic, for they have bought in the factor of earning millions of bucks on the game, with in-game assets. An in-game asset in the gaming platform refers to the minted asset in the game, which can be an accessory, a character, a vehicle, skin, an arsenal, or anything else, which will allow them to upgrade to the next level. 

One of the largest NFT marketplaces that are valued for offering invaluable NFTs related to games to the users, is Axie Infinity. Apart from them, there has emerged a tonne of instances to showcase the credibility and reach of NFT Gaming! A few examples of wondrous, and lucrative NFT Gaming platform, which is entirely user-biased are, the REVV, DRACE, Scar Speed, and so on., with rewards as NFTs. 

Entertainment NFTs

Is there anyone who wouldn’t love some entertainment, may it be in their own way? No. 

Now with the availability of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, the entertainment industry is also in the field. This allows two of the magnanimous domains to come together, with flying colors, simultaneously. 

From web series to many amusing feature films, knowing no language barriers, the NFTs can now bridge the major gap. That is, people all over the world can enjoy their wanted motion pictures of all sorts, by owning them, in the form of digital assets. Investment in this factor can seem a bit dreamy, but the fact is that with the start of 2023, the dream will get real and you can have the best option there to turn up the frequency of fun! Choose high returns of investments with the guaranteed entertainment NFT Collectibles. A cool fact is that the Kollywood industry, consisting of global stars Kamal Hassan, Arya, and several others have thrown in their interest to have their works made into NFTs. let me kindle your interest quite a bit more with these examples. Stoner Cats, Dominion X, Vikram Universe (Metaverse), and many more. 

Fashion NFTs

Have you ever heard that every twenty years fashion changes? And also that history always repeats itself? By investing in Fashion NFTs and their NFT marketplace not only are you holding the profit of the current trend but also holding the treasure of the future, which will yield a much more profit range. Fashion NFTs in collaboration with many luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc., bring in new possibilities to custom-made products. This will increase the craze for the designer and also the holder of such a unique article from the brand. Wish to create a standard for yourself with your impeccable design? How about investing in the digital platform of fashion and converting your dreams to money real quick?


PFP NFTs, or by their abbreviation Profile Picture NFTs are getting more attention for their unique and eccentric appearances. These PFP NFTs are used as profile pictures and avatars on social media platforms. With many individuals intrigued with these algorithmically created digital assets, your investment will be viewing a major growth. This is due to the NFT community actively promoting and accessing these elite PFP NFTs in their interactions, making Web3 a wholesome experience, apart from just trading their eye-catching asset. Some of the tokenizable assets that can be used as profile picture NFTs are, digital collectibles, artworks, memes, etc. 

Closing Thoughts!

NFT-based platforms are gaining wild traction among NFT enthusiasts, and those who love technological advancement. Though the journey till now has not been a smooth one, the scaling up process with keeping the key factor alive, you can build the best NFT marketplace there is in no time. The above given are just glimpses of what will potentially bring in millions of bucks with a single trade. 

One thing to understand is, the market is volatile and so are these cryptographic assets. With critical aesthetics made into rare NFTs, one can always take up the shape of his niche, and target the audience. Embracing the culmination of relevance and innovation, the commercial realm in the digital universe cross milestones to proffer an NFT project that the market is expecting!

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