Insurance For Impounded Car: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know

Insurance for an impounded car

You won’t be allowed to pick up your car if it has been taken to the police pound and you don’t have the necessary, specified insurance for impounded car. You might need to get a specific impounded car insurance coverage because the majority of annual insurance covers do not include impound insurance. You must demonstrate that you have insurance coverage for at least 30 days before you may get your automobile back.

If your car has been impounded, many annual insurance providers will be reluctant to insure you since it is regarded as a high-risk situation. Therefore, the most advantageous choice is typically temporary insurance for impounded cars. Unfortunately, this frequently costs more than typical insurance. 

You will not be able to get your impounded car back without the proper expertise, and releasing an impounded car is not a simple procedure. We’ll try to inform you of what to do if the police impound your car, how to get it back, and whether or not you need impounded car insurance based on your specific circumstances. But first, we shall learn the reasons why a car is impounded.

Why do the police impound a car?

For a number of reasons, your car could be impounded. Among them are: 

  • Illegally parking
  • Driving while uninsured
  • Leaving your automobile behind
  • Parked on a public road
  • Driving when ineligible for insurance
  • Parking without a SORN on private property (statutory Off Road Notification)
  • There is no tax on the vehicle.
  • Keeping a registration that is invalid Outstanding parking fees

What is the procedure for impounding a car?

Each situation’s car impoundment method is different and is based on specifics like the reason the car was impounded. Typically, it involves having your car picked up by a tow truck and driven away. The organization that made the impoundment request hires towing companies to transport the vehicle to the police pound, where it is kept in safety until the registered keeper can be reached.

The process for having the car impounded if you have been driving without insurance would be as follows:

  • Towing services are used by police to transport the vehicle to the police pound.
  • If the registered owner of the vehicle has not contacted us already, we will notify them within 7 working days.

How to release an impounded car?

Most of the time, whoever has taken custody of your car will not make it simple for you to get it back. If you discover that your car has been impounded, you must take some essential actions to get it back as soon as possible.

Find the reason that led to your car being impounded

Even if someone else was driving the impounded car, you are the main offender as you are the registered owner. The police may be holding the car as proof that it was used in a crime. If so, speak with a lawyer who can assist you. Pay any parking fees first if you have any.

Find out precisely what you need to do to liberate the car by getting in touch with the police pound. It would be the exact amount you pay, but there might be some extra fines or towing costs.

You will need to get specialized impound insurance and provide documentation to show that you are now legally allowed to drive the vehicle if your car has been impounded because you were driving it without valid insurance. You must get this insurance as soon as you can since, as the registered owner, you will be responsible for both the daily storage fees and the impound fees for being in the pound. We are working with several impounded car insurance companies who can arrange for your insurance policy. Get the finest insurance for your situation, no matter what your budget, by requesting an online insurance quotation.

Call 101, and someone will point you to the correct place if you’re unsure of why your automobile was seized or where it’s been held. 

What documentation is required to get your impounded car released?

Unfortunately, you cannot simply go to the pound and release your car. To release your impounded car, several pieces of documentation are required. The police offered you seven working days to go to the pound and pick up your car; if you don’t, it will be demolished or put up for auction after 14 days. You must be aware of the exact amount of time you have until the police pound releases your car from these elements because different councils may have somewhat different regulations.

To prevent excessive charges and having your car scrapped, we advise taking care of the situation as soon as possible. You must have the following documentation with you when you go to the car pound to pick up your vehicle:

  • Proof of identification with a current, photo ID, such as a current passport or driver’s license
  • You must provide documentation proving that you are the car’s registered owner. It can be a supplement for new keepers.
  • A current MOT certificate or proof of an appointment for a pre-hired MOT
  • A valid insurance certificate that allows the release of an impounded car. Your insurance company may have sent you a printed copy or an electronic copy. You must reveal all the pertinent information in the certificate that you provided.

Can another person get your impounded car from impound?

It is your responsibility as the registered keeper to pick up your car. It suggests that you should go to the police pound armed with documentation establishing your ownership. Only certain circumstances allow someone else to free your car from impound on your behalf. Which are:

  • Flight tickets will be required from the person collecting on your behalf if you can show documentation that you are abroad in this situation.
  • There are valid medical problems, such as injury, immobility, or incapacity, that make it impossible for you to release the vehicle on your own.

For the impounded car to be collected for them, the person collecting the car on your behalf needs to have specific documentation.

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