How Started on Your Journey Toward AWS Certification

AWS Certification

…Getting AWS Certification is something you should think about. Or you may have already settled on a course of action but are unsure how to proceed. My personal story and the steps I took to get started will be detailed in this blog.

My expertise in architecture, building design, and conceptualizing interior spaces is more conceptual than technical. Despite this, technology was a huge interest of his. After completing my formal schooling and engaging in a significant amount of self-education, I found myself in the position of platform engineer five years later.

Company started moving

I worked with various teams responsible for infrastructure, software development, DevOps, and security, among others. Even though I thought of myself as an authority in my field, I found it challenging to comprehend how everything related to one another. When my previous company started moving its operations to the cloud, it was the ideal time for me to broaden my horizons and investigate more.

Although I did not initially want to obtain AWS Certification, I discovered that the training recommended to complete to prepare for the exams was beneficial. I went above and beyond the expectations of my regular employment by participating in hands-on laboratories and learning about networking, analytics, and machine learning. I was able to communicate more effectively with my peers when I had an understanding of how things operate behind the scenes.

As luck would have it, after gaining more than a year of practical experience and obtaining my AWS Certification Solutions Architect – Associate certification, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position as a Solution Architect by Amazon, which I promptly accepted. Currently, I advise businesses on how to use cloud computing and develop cloud-based solutions. It is never a wrong moment to get certified by Amazon Web Services (AWS), especially if you want to improve your knowledge and advance in your career.

Which credential should I work on obtaining?

A current AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is in my possession. This exam will validate your understanding of cloud concepts, the AWS ecosystem, cloud fluency, and core AWS knowledge. This exam is ideal for those new to the cloud who want an overall perspective. Passing the test took me around a month to two months of studying, seven hours weekly.


The AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification was where I began my journey toward earning certifications for Amazon Web Services. It helped validate my ability to design, construct, and deploy cloud-based applications and was a crucial part of the process. You should consider obtaining this certification if you have some experience. So working in the cloud but are unsure how to get started.

Participate in the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam if you are involved in creating and deploying cloud-based applications. Obtaining the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate credential is recommended for system administrators with prior experience working in operations. Learn more about the additional lab portion of the test required for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certification.

After completing all three certifications, I saw that some of the material and ideas were repeated in different contexts. With a full-time job, I needed to dedicate at least one hour daily to furthering my education. After studying for three to four months at a rate of seven hours per week. I finally felt confident about taking these examinations.

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