How Addiction Can Cause Trouble to your happy life

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You accept life as it is. you have complete control over addiction. Additionally, happiness can experienced at any time—at least theoretically. It doesn’t have to be pursued, like a Tiffany bracelet, a luxury sports car, or tickets to the Super Bowl. Since it already exists safely within you once you’ve come to drug rehab west Virginia fully embrace yourself and the world around you, it doesn’t need to be sought after. Your happiness is safeguarded when you fully embrace the world, with all of its injustices, injustices, and suffering.


The greatest “gift” you can give yourself is actually to reach this state of acceptance, or being. Again, it does not necessitate being sought out from the outside and then somehow “assimilated” from within.

longer-term satisfactions

Running against the norm, pursuing satisfaction through the procurement of riches. Storing up an ever-increasing number of things, is a moron’s interest. For once such material cravings are excited, at one point, they become unquenchable. The pleasures and gratifications they produce, which are substituted for longer-term satisfactions, are more or less fleeting. In addition, when fortune-seeking itself eventually becomes obsessive, alcohol rehab near me amount of money can be sufficient. At the point when that basic line is crossed. the pursuit is as of now not a way to some probably satisfying end. The end is here.


In addition. once the goal paradoxically transforms into the pursuit of the goal. you find yourself in the self-defeating. position of seeking out something that can never be captured. Not the riches themselves, but the lust for them, can never be satisfied, just like an unquenchable thirst. Materialistic pursuit of happiness through wealth accumulation always calls for more of the same (remember the quote from Epicurus that opens this piece).


Many millionaires, especially billionaires, are able to be so aggressive and merciless.  in their ongoing endeavors to accumulate more wealth due to this never-ending. search for something that can never achiev definitively. They end up being monman, and, to put it mildly. Inhumane as a result of their addictive pursuit of incalculable riches. A fortune that goes far beyond. the dreams omaniacal, megalomaniacal, inhuf avarice—as though. Such a radical pursuit must somehow vindicate their self-interested “cause.”

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