Handicraft Items of Rajasthan: Their History and Making

Handicraft Items: Intro

You might have heard of the term Handicraft items. But do you know what really are handicraft items of Rajasthan? The handicraft item of India has a long history. Their history goes around 5000 years back to when the first handmade item was invented and sold. After then this industry slowly started gaining momentum and now the Indian Handicrafts Industry is one of the most booming and demanding industries of the present time. 

The story starts around 5000 years back when people used to do farming and earn their livelihood. There was a farmer who used to do farming to earn his living. He has an interest in making unique things using different materials like stone, some tools, etc. That person did this just as a hobby. He never would have thought that this hobby might turn out to be one of the largest exporting industries in the present time. People used to make fun of him that what he was doing and all. But ignoring all these criticisms this man continued making unique things. One day while he was creating something he got the idea that he should try to sell what he was making.

Handicraft Items: Details

He was living in a village at that time where people used to make fun of him. So he thought it will not make any sense if he sells that item in his own village. He then thought of going to some other place and trying to sell these items whatever he made. He reached some other village where people liked his Handicraft items and they immediately purchased them. This man selling the items was very happy. He returned to his village and made many other items and again went to some other place to sell those. This is how this industry came into being. Since then this industry never looked back and kept on increasing. 

Civilizations like Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa were famous because of handicraft items. Many kings from different parts of the world visited India just for Handicraft items. The rulers in different parts of the country used these Handicraft items for decorating their huge places. The artisans manufacturing these handicraft items were very much respected at that time. The skill of crafting handicraft items can only be inherited and thus the artisans who inherited these skills were very proud and famous. 

The handicraft items of Rajasthan are made using original raw materials and are made completely by hand. The main feature of these items is that there is not a single machine involved in the manufacturing of handicraft items. Handi means by hands and craft means any decorative piece that depicts an ant form or something that is really unique. Many cities in Rajasthan are famous for producing a lot of unique Handicraft items.


Udaipur is famous for Leather Articles, wooden items, etc. Jaipur is famous for Blue Pottery, and Jodhpur is famous for metal decorative and other wooden items. Other than Rajasthani Handicrafts. The state of Rajasthan is also famous for tourism. Many people from different parts of the world visit Rajasthan to witness this beautiful state full of traditional values, culture, vibrant colors, beautiful forts, palaces, lakes, and many more things. 

If you ever get a chance to visit this beautiful state then do witness the unique handicraft items of Rajasthan. Also, you can search for Rajasthani Handicrafts online just to get an idea of how they look and how they are created.

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