English Proficiency Tips For International Students 

Many international students who come to English-speaking countries often wish to polish their English language skills in order to connect with the people living there. Well, that’s true. Not only to connect with people but they wish to gain proficiency in English to open doors to various job opportunities abroad. 

If you also wish to travel abroad then, mastering English language skills is quite beneficial for you. To your astonishment, mastering proficiency in the English language is no more tough with the advent of technology. Various pdfs of English grammar books and quick answers help you learn the language with the utmost efficiency. 

As an international student in an English-speaking country, you will also get a chance to take your English proficiency to the highest level. Exposing yourself to the English language on a daily basis will help you upgrade your English skills extensively. Read this article to know the best English proficiency tips. 

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Read the following pointers and acquaint yourself with the best English proficiency tips for international students:


We are pretty sure that watching movies along with subtitles will help you a lot in learning the English language with the utmost efficiency. But to give more attention to the improvement of your English listening skills, audiobooks are the best source available. The audiobooks will help you get acquainted with the pronunciation of the words in a much better way. 

We are advising you to improve your English listening skills because these skills are of the utmost significance to conversating with people properly. Therefore, apart from improving your English speaking skills, give proper attention to English listening skills. 

Connect with yourself 

While learning English you will surely feel frustrated at appoint in life but don’t give up on learning. In fact, make the learning process quite peaceful by spring 30 minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee and feel blessed to have learned something new today. Try to think in English by starting with simple sentences. Spending time with yourself is the best way to connect with yourself and live a quality life, eliminating every cause of frustration from your life. 

Read novels 

There is no denying the fact that novels have been the first choice for English language learners.  The best part about reading novels is that you come to get aware of a world of imagination. Besides polishing your knowledge, reading novels also introduce the culture of the different nations to you in the most beautiful manner. 

Give yourself a ride on a wonderful journey to a new world full of mystery and amazing moments of wonderful people by choosing the best novel. During the entire day, if possible then spare 10 minutes to read a wonderful novel. 

English dictionary 

You might be learning English grammar rules to learn the English language profoundly. But along with that, we advise you to buy an English dictionary in paper format and bring it with you to the nation where you are coming to study. Exploring five words daily from the dictionary will surely upgrade your proficiency in the English language day by day. Never stop learning words from the English dictionary, no matter what. 

Fill the pauses 

To fill the pauses while speaking, you can use some words to sound fluent. Such as honestly, well, literally. Don’t overuse them while speaking. In fact, use them only to fill the gaps sometimes. 

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The tips explained above are some English proficiency tips that can provide immense benefits to international students in English-speaking countries. Besides this, don’t hesitate to correct your mistakes. Avoid translations. In fact, think in English directly by starting with creating short sentences. This will help you attain fluency in the English language but don’t force yourself to think in English as this can frustrate you. 

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