These Discord Marketing Tactics Will Make It a Prominent Web3 Advertising Strategy in 2023!

From being a gamer-centric communication app to one of the fiercest competitors to Meta’s social media ecosystem, Discord has outgrown itself over the years. The platform has become a prominent channel for most fans and official communities. The parallel growth of Web3 technology across the years has gelled well with the Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) platform. This blog digs into the possibility of Discord marketing in 2023 becoming a prominent strategy used by Web3 companies. If you ask, “What about all these years?” Well, the tactic has been used well; it just has not become mainstream enough to become a staple.

Discord Marketing: How Has It Fared So Far?

As far as Discord marketing is concerned, its primary focus since rebranding itself to appeal to everyone is to become the hub of futuristic projects. And, Web3 technology was indeed futuristic at the time. For the terms “cryptos” and “NFTs” getting out of the nerdy circles, Discord was the ideal weapon for businesses.

The platform has since then been a part of every NFT and crypto project launching to keep the sense of “decentralized communities” alive. As most projects prefer Discord over Telegram (powered by the application’s accessibility and new-gen features), the application has become ready to handle even more innovations.

Promotions Using Discord from a Business Perspective

As far as businesses in recent times are concerned, Discord proves to be a powerful marketing tool. The application offers immense opportunities for ventures to garner their communities (typically loyal user bases) in a world where community presence is valued over big-scale promotions.

The strategy has been largely popular among Web3 projects based on blockchains due to Discord’s provisions to have pseudonymous accounts without revealing much sensitive information to anyone out there on the application. The platform’s features, including servers, channels, bots, and streaming capabilities, empower Web3 businesses to stay connected with their customer community effectively in real-time.

Some Discord Marketing Ideas to Follow in the New Year

To keep your business thriving through Discord marketing in 2023, it is essential to know your audience, an age-old tradition for any venture wanting to succeed in the world. There should be enough research done before creating a server to captivate your prospective audience and keep them tied to your community for a long time.

  • Discord’s own partnership program can benefit businesses already having a sizable community on the platform. The program can offer ventures necessary statistics to ensure greater personalization. But, one should note that the process is based on a lengthy application process that typically has intense competition.
  • Encouraging and engaging with User-generated Content (UGC) through Discord will be a viable option as it proves to be an easier option for businesses without spending much. This also allows ventures to engage with their community members regularly and efficiently.
  • Providing special discounts and offers can be the perfect idea to create traction around your venture’s Discord server. This also helps a business to increase its community size while generating reasonable profits.

More Strategical Detours One Can Opt For

  • Keeping in touch with other like-minded users can be ideal from a business’s point of view as the process will promote collaboration with influential figures related to the venture’s niche. This, in turn, works out as a fused marketing strategy that drives in more audience.
  • Live events on the server can create high levels of buzz around the Web3 space. While the event itself can be anything relevant to the business, as simple as an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session. Collaborative sessions with eminent personalities with provisions for listeners to interact can be effective and garner high attendance levels.
  • Discord’s server insights can provide all necessary information related to a business server’s performance, with stats offered for various metrics. There are some minimal requirements for a server to access these statistics that can aid ventures in making plans accordingly.

Even More Options One can Try Out

  • Conducting giveaways through a Discord server could prove to be the perfect engagement strategy for a Web3 business to grow its community and increase traction across the internet media.
  • Utilizing built-in bots from Discord can be helpful for businesses to manage their servers easily by enabling bot software to perform mundane tasks and act as ice-breakers to initiate conversations.

The Final Touch

Hence, we can say that Discord can become a prominent medium for business communication and engagement in 2023, mainly for Web3-focused projects. The application’s developers are constantly putting efforts into offering the community exquisite experiences, and the growth of Web3 means these upgrades could be crucial. If you are an entrepreneur planning to launch a Web3 business in 2023, Discord promotion should be on your advertising checklist. For professional assistance, it is best to work with a seasoned Discord marketing agency to get optimal results based on campaigns planned to attract your target audiences.

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