Dead Climber on Olympus: The First Information About the Unfortunate 41-Year-Old

An autopsy will be carried out later in the day to check if the unfortunate climber died in the fall into the gorge or died from the cold.

The first evidence of the unfortunate mountaineer who fell into a ravine on Olympus, shortly before conquering the summit of Mitikas, and as a consequence lost his life, is the vision of daylight.

According to the information, it is a 41-year-old Athenian, an experienced mountaineer, as well as his friend with whom they climbed and who notified the authorities when they found him unconscious in the valley.

What the autopsy to be carried out in the next few hours is now expected to find out, according to SKAI, is whether the unfortunate mountaineer breathed the last autumn breaths from him or whether he “ran away” from the cold.


The accident occurred around 1:00 p.m. on Sunday (12/25), when the two climbers were at the Louki base, in Mytika, at an altitude of 2,700 meters.

At that moment, one of them continued to climb to the top and the other decided to wait for him at the same point to turn around. However, when the first returned from high, he did not find his friend, and after looking for him in the surroundings and in the shelter of “Apostolidis”, he sent a signal that he was missing.

The competent departments were immediately mobilized, while the climber, following the instructions of the EOD in Thessaloniki, launched investigations at the exact point where the accidents occurred.

After a long descent into a difficult area with frozen snow, he managed to find his friend unconscious of him and notified the authorities.

This was followed by a very difficult operation due to weather conditions which was completed on Monday morning when the firefighters involved in the operation were able to reach the unfortunate climber and recover his body in the Super Puma helicopter which was packed up and transported. . The man was taken to the airstrip of the 24th Litochoro Brigade, where he was received by an EKAV ambulance.

Fire Brigade Ad

Yesterday afternoon, Saturday, December 25, 2022, the Fire Operations Center was notified of the discovery of a man in the Stephanie Luckey area of Mount Olympus, after he fell while walking.

Thirteen firefighters with three (3) vehicles were immediately mobilized, specifically, the mountain search and rescue teams of the Litochoro Fire Service, as well as 2 and 8 E.M.A.K.

The firefighters boarded the man at dawn this Sunday, September 26, 2022, in an Air Force Super Puma. He was found unconscious, taken to the emergency room and then transferred to the airstrip of the Litochoro Brigade No. 24 where he was picked up by an E.K.A.B. For More Info: Smoothies News

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