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Customers can now shop for goods on their iOS or Android smartphone, with a portion of the purchase price going to their favorite charity of their choosing thanks to Amazon Smile.

Through the AmazonSmile programmed, customers can make tax-free donations to any charity of their choosing whenever they make a purchase on Amazon, regardless of the size of the charity or their location.

Amazon’s will give a percentage of the purchase price to the charity of your choice whenever you make a purchase through AmazonSmile at or through the Amazon Shopping App. In AmazonSmile, customers have access to the same selection of high quality products at low prices as they would on, and they can make purchases in exactly the same way.

When using the Amazon’s Shopping App or, customers have the option of donating to one of more than forty thousand different organizations. You can find “AmazonSmile” under “Projects and Features.” Choose the option to “Enable Projects and Features.” Then, without additional effort on their part, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible items purchased on or through the Amazon’s Shopping App to the charity of their choice.

Two methods exist for producing presents

The following perks are available to all Prime members who make purchases via AmazonSmile:

AmazonSmile’s gift rate will double for the duration of Prime Day, a period of 48 hours. Prime members can double their gift rate by using AmazonSmile in the Amazon’s Shopping app or on the web during the event. Amazon will give one percent of the purchase price to the customer’s designated charity for every item purchased through AmazonSmile by a Prime member.

Some recent Amazon Smile app users are:

Prime members who enable AmazonSmile in the app between June 2nd and June 22nd, 2021, will each have the opportunity to make a donation to a charitable organization in the United Kingdom equal to five percent of the net price of their first qualifying amazon promo codes 20 off anything purchase made during Prime Day, which is ten times the normal donation rate.

A Detailed Guide to Using AmazonSmile Is Presented

Provided in the application:

  1. For starters, make sure you’re using the latest version of the Amazon Shopping App for iOS or Android.
  2. After starting the application, select “Projects and Features” and then “Amazon smile” from the main menu.
  3. To begin using AmazonSmile in the Amazon Shopping App, select a charitable organization by following the on-screen prompts.

Simply enter this into your browser:

  1. access from your UK-based web browser and log in with your Amazon credentials.
  2. Pick your preferred charitable organization to receive donations from.
  3. Presents can be made immediately whenever is used to shop for eligible products.
  4. Bookmark, or use the Amazon Concierge, so you can easily start making purchases through Amazon smile SHOP whenever you’re ready to do so.


It’s safe to say that online shopping has become an integral part of modern life. During COVID-19 lockdowns, online shopping has increased globally thanks to the help of Coupon code for amazon, according to a study by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

When it comes to online shopping, there is no doubt that Amazon’s is the most recognized name. Donating to the TCEA could be simple if you are a regular Amazon’s shopper. And you can save money while doing good for others by shopping at Thus, the procedure is as follows.

Grin, You Must Have Gone Out To Find Something

The goal of the AmazonSmile initiative is simple. If you shop at (instead of the regular URL) and designate TCEA as your chosen charitable organization, a portion of your purchase price will be donated to the association.

Your web browser can take you to either AmazonSmile or Smile Amazon’s mobile shopping app for iOS and Android devices gives you access to this feature.

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon’s that offers the same low prices, vast product selection, and simple shopping experience as Amazon’s, with the added bonus of donating 0.5% of the amount equivalent to the price of your qualified purchases to the organization of your choice. There are over a million different nonprofits out there ready to help you find what you need.

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TCEA is supported by AmazonSmile

In what ways would you shop while adhering to TCEA?

  1. To create an AmazonSmile account, visit
  2. If you’ve never participated in AmazonSmile before, you’ll prompted to select a charitable organization to donate to.
  3. Choose the best answer from the pull-down menu.
  4. The decision is obvious. A bookmark for can help you remember to always use it and donate when you shop.

If you currently support TCEA through AmazonSmile and are interest in making a switch, please click here. That’s also very easy to do.

  1. Visit and sign in with your Amazon’s credentials.
  2. Choose “Supporting” from the site map’s left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Try searching for “TCEA.”
  4. Choose the best answer from the pull-down menu.

It’s the bare minimum you can do to help the cause you care about. Figure out how to make the software work exactly how you want it to. Maximizing your experience with the Smile app on your mobile device. From that point on, anything is possible. Your help with TCEA is greatly appreciate.

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