Creative Artworks for Wood work and structures

.Woodcraft is here to assist you in finding the ideal Artworks for Dyers and woodworkers who are on your list for the holidays beginning at “The “Twelve Gifts of Christmas” in this blog.

Like always, our gift ideas include the useful Woodcraft Gift Card and informative Woodcraft Magazine subscription. Other options include a router jig that can make distinctive signs with the router, knives veneer as well as a heat gun mobile lighting as well as a unique ruler as well as a multi-tool stand for work support and spoon cutting blanks.

To select from our more wooden bangles than 20,000 quality products go to the nearest Woodcraft Store, log on to or choose from our catalog and place your order by calling 1-800-225-1153.

Welcome Sign Router Jig

Make custom yard or porch signs for your family and friends using this Wood River(r) Router Jig. Instead of stencils or paint, this jig is capable of cutting large four” tall letters directly onto a 1 x 8 (7-1/4″ wide) board. Letter Templates can use with the plunge router with a 3/8″ router bushing, and 1/4″ straight bit (sold separately). Jig comes with six Letter Templates (C O, E H, L, M and O) constructed out of 5/16″-thick clear acrylic, with slots for clamping on all four sides.




Plunge and Fixed Base Router

A powerful 14 amp, 2 1/2 HP motor can handle nearly every routing task. Other features include three depth settings for coarse and micro-depth adjustment the speed control LCD to assist you in choosing the right speed depending on the type of bit and material Electronic feedback that ensures the optimal RPM; and collets to use either 1/4″ or 1/4″ shank router bits.




The latest technology of the future can be s in the lantern’s features. It is rechargeable 500 lumens that can woodworking shops near me be used in different beam patterns, dimming options Direct-to-red mode, Smart Power Control for more efficient use of batteries as well as a power bank for phones and any other USB operated devices.


Opinel Pocketknives

The lightweight French pocketknives feature Beech handles. Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade and two-piece Virobloc(r) Blade locking twist mechanisms.

The Virobloc does not just lock the blade from opening and closing however. it also provides each knife an amazing amount of force. Knives are an excellent accessory to any shop and can f in the kitchen, lunchbox in your backpack or vehicles. Opinel Sharpener for Manual Knives is available separately.



This assortment of sequence-matched timber veneer packs from Sauers allows. the user to make beautiful works of art from your woodworking projects. Every sheet is twelve” in length and 4- 1/2″ to 6 1/2″ across. The handy 3-square-foot boxes are ideal for inlay repair, marquetry accents for furniture, all other small projects in the shop. Available in 16 different wood

Make use of this useful heat gun to tackle a variety of projects that require the stripping of paints, defrosting pipes shrink wrapping making adhesives soft. eliminating bubbles from resin projects as well as for creating motion effect when you work with resins for art. It features user-friendly controls with 12 temperature settings that are suitable for most projects.

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