What’s Happening China Overseas Port Holding Company?

 . What makes a Chinese port stand out? Chinese engineers built a 2.5-kilometer-long China Port consisting of rectangular concrete platforms. But to used as a loading and unloading station, it is only a breakwater for the port. not the port. China Port is one of the main ports of Pakistan. You can go straight to China Harbor via Sea View Road, then Marine Promenade. Once you pass Bin Qassim Park in Clifton, take a short left turn. To go straight to China Port Karachi if traveling from Sea View Beach. after passing Noor Ali Ground and Summit Tower

Tourists visiting China’s Karachi port.

In mid-2018, pictures and videos of the Port of China Overseas Port Holding Company began circulating on social media. These pictures show that the area packed with thousands of visitors almost every day. The fact that China Port Karachi is not as a tourist destination. This means no waste dealt with by large crowds. As a result, in a short period of time. the beauty of this artificial barrier destroyed by the accumulation of debris. all over the area. This was one of the main factors that kept the area closed to tourists for about three years.

Transform the sleepy city

A stray dog sleeps under a red boat beside a rickety tea shop on a dock in Sur Bandar. where dozens of small boats sail in the Arabian Sea. The water is clear and there are schools of fish swimming near the shore. The fishermen gathered and chatted about the strong. and sweet drink they called “doodah Patti” as they watch the world go by. I asked some people if they had heard of the very famous. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor China Overseas Port Holding Company But they shook their heads. The harbor front  quiet compareto Gwadar. about 20 kilometers away. where China’s deep-water port is being built. which promises to transform the sleepy city into a global trading hub.

Infrastructure project

The CPEC is 3,000 kilometers from Kashgar in western China to Gwadar in Pakistan on the Arabian Sea. Traverse the Himalayas, disputed lands, plains. and deserts to reach the ancient fishing port of Gwadar. A large Chinese-funded infrastructure project is being built on the way. including road and rail networks as well as power plants It was originally worth $46 billion. The broker valued at about $62 billion today. CPEC is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). a massive regional trade and diplomacy program covering land. and sea routes linking China with the rest of Asia and Europe.

Construction in Gwadar

The port under construction in Gwadar own by the Pakistani government’s Gwadar Port Authority (GPA). and operated by China Overseas Port Holding Company China Overseas Port Holding Company. a state-owned enterprise of China. which will operate for 40 years or china Gwadar is strategically located near the Arabian or Persian Gulf. and near the Strait of Hormuz which is the route through. which about 40 percent of the world’s oil Gwadar is the gateway to the oil-rich Middle East. Central and South Asia.

Gwadar and CPEC

In other parts of Pakistan not a day goes by where no one from the ruling. Pakistan-Nawaz Muslim League party mentions CPEC. or how it will bring prosperity to Pakistan. and especially Gwadar. the voices of the fishermen in Gwadar. which represents 80 per cent of the district’s 185,000 population, has ignored. A recent report showing China’s plans for the CPEC published by the Rung Aroon newspaper. It seems to validate the notion that local people were not involved in the development of the CPEC.

The Gwadar project

In South Bandar, there are rumors of an influx of fishermen displaced from the Gwadar project. Saeed Mohammad, chairman of Anjum an Itched Mahigiran Sur Bandar. (Sur Bandar Fisherman Organization), said he heard from. “those in the know” that will happen but don’t know when advert “There isn’t enough room for your ship to dock here. It’s not even enough for us,” he exclaime pointing to the wharf. There are between 5000 and 7000 fishermen with about 1000 boats in Surbandar. while the number in Gwadar was more than three times.

Gwadar Development Agency

The Gwadar Development Agency is building a jetty in Sur Bandar. which residents suspect will eventually accommodate Gwadar’s fishermen. Fishermen say the jetty’s breakwaters are poorly designed. And the engineers didn’t consult with them in the process. reluctant immigrants Gwadar fishermen are also worried that they will have to relocate.
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