Why You must Clear the CA Final Exams on the First Attempt?

It’s no more an unknown fact that clearing CA Final exams on the first attempt will offer you great packages. CAs are among the highest-paid professionals because of the knowledge they possess, the increasing competition, and the demand to hire the best talent available in the industry.

Hard work, commitment, and self-discipline are essential to clear the CA Final exams. In addition, you must have excellent articles experience and pass the examination on the first attempt with an All India Rank. Based on ICAI 2022 campus placement, the salary of a CA topper is around 15 to 25 lakhs per annum. 

In this article, we will bring the benefits of clearing the CA Finals on the first attempt, the Salary of a CA Topper, and VSI Jaipur tips to clear the CA Final on the first attempt. 

Advantages of Clearing the CA Final Exams in the Single Attempt

Clearing the CA Final is an achievement despite the number of attempts. However, the number of attempts matters a lot. The students who clear their exams on the first attempt are given priority over the ones with multiple attempts. Let’s check the benefits of clearing CA on the first attempt.

1. Better Salary

The salary of a CA topper is Rs 15 to 25 lakhs per annum. Moreover, the figures keep increasing with experience and knowledge. Additionally, depending on your company, you may expect even higher salaries and other perks. 

2. Opportunities from Top Companies

The moment you clear your CA Final exams on the first attempt, along with a rank, you will be surrounded by numerous opportunities from top companies with attractive compensation packages. Some big corporations, including the “Big 4”, are always in search of bright candidates. This is due to the number of tries to tell about the student’s skill and intellect. Hence, securing a rank can provide you with a competitive advantage.

3. Fame, Respect, and Recognition

Clearing the CA Final exams on the first attempt, with attractive packages and offers from big MNCs, will ultimately bring great value to your resume. Further, name, recognition, and respect are other added advantages since clearing the CA exams isn’t easy. 

Salary of a CA Topper in India

The annual compensation granted to the top CA candidate is between INR 15 and 25 Lakhs. The income of a chartered accountant (CA) in India is influenced by several variables, including job function, location, skills, expertise, and industry. There is a correlation between the number of CA test finals and the likelihood of receiving a lucrative compensation package. 

If a CA applicant did not get a high rank but passed the CA examinations on the first attempt, he or she has a greater probability of being offered a competitive wage. Moreover, you may apply to any major multinational corporation, government sector, or even the Big 4 since they select individuals based on CA final attempts.

VSI Jaipur Tips to Clear CA Final Exams

The CA Final syllabus is vast. Hence, it requires thorough and rigorous preparation. So let’s check what VSI Jaipur, the best CA Coaching in India with exceptional CA Final May 2022 results, says to all the CA aspirants.

1. Join a CA Final Coaching

Since the syllabus is vast, tough, and requires conceptual understanding, so it is a must to join the best CA Final Coaching. With CA coaching, clearing fundamentals becomes easy, and you will complete the syllabus promptly.

At VSI Jaipur, the teachers follow a strict study plan to ensure that students complete their syllabus on time. So this allows them to have enough time for doubt clearance and prepare themselves thoroughly.

2. Cover the 100% Syllabus and Revise it At Least 3 Times

To get the desired CA Final result, you need to complete the entire syllabus on time so that you can answer any questions asked on the examination. Or else it might be impossible to clear the exam on the first attempt.

Further, ensure that you revise the entire CA Final syllabus three times because, with each revision, you will master all the concepts and can recall all the answers better while writing the papers. 

3. Focus on Writing Skills and Time Management

Most students fail to pass CA Finals because of a lack of time management and no writing skills. The CA exams require you to adhere to their specific writing standards since your presentation style greatly matters. CA exams are professional exams, so make it a habit to write answers per the ICAI standards. 

Further, time management ensures that you can complete all the asked questions within the mentioned timeframe. Hence, take frequent mock tests and try to complete the exams in the given time frame.

4. Enroll for the CA Final Mock Test Series

A crucial part of the CA final preparation is the mock test series. Mock tests are of great importance since these mock tests help you in getting familiar with the CA final question papers. Further, it will help you to improve your writing skills, learn time management, and will help you gain confidence.

VSI Jaipur conducts frequent mock tests. Afterward, it also provides the marking scheme with the corrected answer sheet. Thus helping students in knowing how to write answers as per the ICAI and how they have written. 


Even if it takes many attempts and failures, a CA earns all the esteem and reputation. Failure does not necessitate quitting your goals. Further, this does not imply that you must be unhappy about lost opportunities. Hence, if you plan to clear the CA Final exams on the first attempt, the top CA Coaching in India, VSI Jaipur, is here to help you prepare. Contact VSI Jaipur to know more.

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