Best Smartphone Up To 500 Euros: The Price And Performance Are Right Here

Best Smartphone Up To 500 Euros: The Price And Performance Are Right Here

Best Smartphone Up To 500 Euros: The Price And Performance Are Right Here

Major smartphone makers are now asking for at least 1,000 euros for their top models. You get notebooks that are very well equipped for this. You can also find great smartphones for half the price if you don’t want to spend that much. What are the best cell phones that cost less than 500 euros? How do you imagine our selection?

If you only want to spend about half of what a current flagship model like the Apple iPhone 13 (here with a contract) or the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G (here with a contract) costs, you’re not getting half the performance. There are a lot of options for mobile phones that cost less than 500 euros that don’t have to hide behind the best ones in terms of design, build quality, and performance.

Most of the time, the only big differences are in the camera, the most computing power that can be used, and the amount of storage space. Characteristics that most of the time don’t matter much in everyday life. With our picks, you don’t have to give up much compared to the best models, but you do save a lot of money.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: The New Mid-Range From South Korea

Samsung’s A series represents excellent value for money. The Galaxy A52 (5G) and the Galaxy A52s 5G (in the test) were already very popular with users who want powerful equipment at a reasonable price. The new Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is a good replacement for 2022 from the South Korean company that makes phones. For an introductory price of 449 euros, you get a stylish smartphone. And if you can wait a few months, the price will drop, making the cell phone even cheaper.

The front of this cell phone is one of its best parts. The 6.5-inch AMOLED screen shows your content clearly in FHD+ with rich colours and good black levels. A refresh rate of 120 Hz also makes sure that animations in games or menus are as smooth as orion stars on iphone 11 The 32 MP front-facing camera is in a small hole at the top of the screen. On the back, there is a quad camera with a 64 MP main camera, a 12 MP ultra wide-angle camera, and a 5 MP macro lens. It comes with a 5 MP sensor that gathers more image data for features like the portrait bokeh effect.

An in-house Exynos 1280 chipset and up to 8 GB of RAM make sure that apps and games run quickly. The mid-range processor is good enough for everyday apps, multitasking, and games that require a lot of power. If you choose the right plan, 5G support also guarantees speed. How to MangaOwl Download and Read Manga for freeThe Samsung Galaxy A53 5G with a contract has a big 5000 mAh battery that gives it enough power to last as long as possible. Again, Samsung has made a good overall package with a good balance between price and performance. For many Samsung fans, this may be the best smartphone that costs less than 500 euros.

Oppo Find X5 Lite: The Strong Newcomer

Oppo, a Chinese company, is becoming known in this country, especially for its Find X series. In addition to the high-end Oppo Find X5 Pro (with a contract with us), the company also makes the Oppo Find X5 Lite, which is a smartphone that costs up to 500 euros. The smartphone just came out and, according to the RRP, costs 499 euros. If you choose the light blue one, you’ll get a lot of features and a design that stands out. The phone is also nice because it is thin and light. It is only 7.8 mm thick and weighs 173 g.

Iphone SE (2022): Apple’s Best Smartphone Up To 500 Euros

Do you want to know which iPhone you can get for 500 euros (with a contract)? We know what to do: Apple only makes one smartphone that costs around 500 euros, and that is the iPhone SE (2022). At 519 euros, the RRP is just above the limit. If you keep your eyes open, you can sometimes find the iPhone SE in stores or through deals with your carrier for a bit less money. In exchange, you get a small device for iOS beginners that looks and feels like anything else made by an American company.


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