Best Mobile Stores in Florida

There are many places to go for your mobile phone in Florida. Whether you need to repair your cell phone or you are looking for a new one, you will find many different options. Fortunately, you can get a great deal on a phone when you know where to look.

walmart connection center

Walmart connection center, or Walmart’s Cell Phone store, is located at 2931 S McCall Rd, in Englewood South, Florida. It provides several services, including curbside pickup and in-store shopping. The center is open to the public, with associates specially trained to meet customer needs. Besides the typical offerings, Walmart is also experimenting with technology, such as connected HVAC units. These will improve operational efficiencies and help reduce energy consumption.

Aside from the usual suspects, the centre also features a full-service media department, including the largest e-commerce digital ad library in the U.S. This is the site of Walmart’s upcoming roll out of the augmented reality experience – an immersive digital shopping and entertainment experience that allows customers to browse, compare and select items from the comfort of their own home.

Metro by T-Mobile

The Metro by T-Mobile mobile store in Florida has a variety of options for customers. Whether you want to buy a cell phone, plan, or accessories, you can find it all at this store. With plans that start at just $25 a month for a single line, you can get everything from unlimited talk to mobile hotspot data.

Aside from prepaid phones, Metro by T-Mobile also offers add-on features and exclusive benefits to its customers. They can even take advantage of Black Friday deals. This store is located in South Dade Shopping Center in Cutler Bay, Florida.

Metro by T-Mobile is owned by T-Mobile US and operates on the T-Mobile network. It is a great option for those who don’t want to pay for a cell phone, but don’t have an unlimited plan from another carrier.


If you’re in the market for a new wireless phone, Verizon has you covered. They have over 8,000 retail locations to choose from and the number is growing. Some locations even have dedicated mobile broadband outlets to boot. For the most part, Verizon is a business that’s a breeze to deal with, and one that can make a customer’s day. Plus, they’re not the only ones in the game. And if you’re looking for a mobile phone provider that won’t give you a hard time with your credit card, T-Mobile is a solid choice.

As a result, Florida has plenty of options when it comes to mobile telecommunications. With Verizon and T-Mobile both offering a full gamut of services, you’ll find all your base essentials (and a few extras) accounted for.

Frontline Technical

Whether it’s the latest wireless handset or a tactical command center, Florida’s Frontline Technical has got you covered. Their product line consists of mobile crime labs, SWAT trucks, bomb/EOD vehicles, and specialty vehicles designed to fit your mission needs. And the best part is they’re all tested and proven. They even offer a warranty that won’t leave you hanging. Plus, they have the largest inventory in the state.

Luckily, they’re not the only ones in the business. In fact, Frontline has a slew of competition, including Motorola and Samsung. However, they’ve managed to snag the top spot in our mobile store comparison based on pricing and customer service. The Frontline tech department has no shortage of knowledgeable personnel to guide you through the maze of devices and accessories.

Repair Genius

If you are looking for a place to repair your cell phone or other gadget, you should definitely consider visiting a Repair Genius store. This company is based out of Winter Park, Florida and it specializes in a variety of devices. It also offers an affordable solution to your repair needs.

In addition to phones, Repair Genius offers iPhone repairs, tablet repairs, PC and Mac repairs, game console repairs, and more. The company’s mobile repair service is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the hassle of getting their device fixed in a store.

While Apple Stores are closed for COVID-19, the independent repair shops are still open. You can use the Apple Support app to make a reservation at a Genius Bar. During the appointment, you will be able to discuss your specific issue and options for fixing it.

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