List of Best Cars Floor Mats You Can Buy

Having a car carpet is very important as it helps protect your vehicle from stains. Stains due to different food items, beverages, and some other spills. A car carpet acts as a shield against the car floor surface and spilled items so the spills don’t come in direct contact with the car body. It helps maintain the hygiene standard and neatness inside the car.

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A new set of car mats help improve the interior decor plus standards. An old and filthy mat can make your car appear dull and unpleasant, hence timely changing of car mats becomes crucial. Replacing old car mats on time and changing them with new ones enhances the car’s aesthetic, so go and get yourself one today! Buy the best quality, online car mats deals on at

Types of car mats –

3D car floor mats:

3D car floor mats are the most expensive type of mats available in the market, it provides a high-quality premium look to the car’s interior. They are available in a premium range of colors like black, beige, and tan. The mat carries all the dust, dirt, grease, and grime in its grooves. Shop custom-made cars online at Carorbis and replace the worn-out ones with the better alternatives available and take your car’s interior decor one level up.

3D car floor mats have creases and rises that ensure that it fits perfectly in your car. They are generally made up of Synthetic products which are a better option as compared to the rubber ones as they are more durable, have the better dirt-lock ability, and are superior in overall look as well.

Price Range- The minimum price range of 3D mats – Starts from INR1000 and goes up to 50k

Rubber Car Mats:

These car mat types offer greater durability and longevity than the other options available in the market. They are easy to clean and help protect your car floor from all types of stains, dust, dirt, and grime. They also lock the moisture due to the spill of water and other beverages and prevent it from reaching the car’s body.

Rubber mats are also available free with the car during a new car purchase from the dealer. They do not slip and won’t obstruct pedal use as well. The biggest reason that they are the most used ones is that they are easy to clean.

Price Range- Starting from INR250/-

Carpet Car Mats:

Carpet car mats are highly durable and easy to clean. They are available in a huge range of color-coding in the market so you can pick the perfect fit for your car’s interior and style the car’s aesthetic in your way. There is a wide range of custom-made carpets available online for better coverage. They come in different forms of fibers – from rugged to Berber and luxury versions.

Price Range- Starting from INR850/-

All Weather vinyl mats:

They are generally made up of vinyl material, and have better durability than that of rubber car mats. They are widely available in a huge range providing a better grip and dirt, dust, and grime lock structure as they have edges being curled upward to make sure that all types of dust particles and tiny bits don’t exit from the mat surface to the car’s floor.

Price Range- Starting from INR2500/-

Fabric floor mats: 

Fabric floor mats are the cheapest available mats, they come in different sets of designs and attractive colors. They have rubber support attached to them providing them with a better grip and moisture lock ability. One disadvantage of having the fabric car mat is that they have a short shelf life as compared to the other available options in the market. 

Price Range- Starting from INR800/-

Nomad Mats (curly mats):

Nomad mats are can be the topmost fit for your car as they have the best soak and lock-up dirt abilities due to the curly made up on them. They serve the purpose of the mat in a car very well and keep your car floor in the most pristine manner. Available in a huge range of colors and designs, to style your car’s interior.

Price Range- Starting from INR1150/-

Rubber VS Carpet Floor Mats

Carpet car floor mats are preferred over rubber car floor mats because they are more durable and provide higher resistance against wear and tear. They also do not slide on the floor of the car as the rubber ones do, therefore preferred for use in a wet environment, such as car washes and garages.

They have a better grip as compared to rubber car mats and are given a higher preference in areas with high rainfall and snowfall as the boots collect the moisture, they help lock it and maintain the grip while the person is driving. Prevent slipping of shoes or gliding over the surface of the car floor, a property that a rubber one can’t satisfy.

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