Best Alternatives Of TeamViewer

Nowadays Laptop Mobile phones are the most important part of everyone’s life. Our official and unofficial work is done through Laptop and Mobile phone. so, these devices play a major role in our life. Like if we want to watch movies at home then we can easily watch movies on mobile phone and laptop. All you need is a good internet connection and a web browser where you find so many websites like: Jio Rockers Tamil Movies these types of websites offer you free movies online.

But there are some applications which provide functionalities on windows and android. These applications are the heart of Laptop and mobile phones. So in this blog, we will tell you about a special application TeamViewer and what are the alternatives of TeamViewer. So, if you find the best alternative to TeamViewer then this is the right blog for you.  Read full blog for more information:

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a free and remote control application which provides remote access to your device from anywhere.

Through TeamViewer you can use your device from anywhere because this application gives you a facility to use your device which is far from you.

TeamViewer runs almost on every platform such as: Windows, MacOS, Android. You can run this application on every laptop and mobile phone.

Through this application you can handle your personal device from a different device.

This is a very fast and secure application to use.

How does TeamViewer work?

As we know about TeamViewer but we do not know the exact working of TeamViewer. So, in this step we shared with you simple and easy to follow steps. By following these steps you can access TeamViewer:

  •     First you have to install TeamViewer on your desktop or mobile phone.
  •     Create an account on TeamViewer.
  •     Now setup easy access from the Remote Control Tab.
  •     Now you can get access to the device you want to access. But both devices must have installed TeamViewer.
  •     If you want to work privately then you can on Black screen on your remote computer. just click on show black screen in TeamViewer and your remote computer is black.
  •     You can transfer files from your remote computer to home computer with following methods
  1. By direct transfer.
  2. By drag and drop method.
  3. By using in-session toolbar
  4. Directly transfer file to your contact

Some Alternatives of TeamViewer

In this blog we find some best alternatives for TeamViewer. Let’s check some of them:

  •     Webex Remote
  •     LogMeIn Pro
  •     VNC connect
  •     Chrome remote Desktop
  •     Ammyy Admin
  •     Any Desk
  •     Remote PC
  •     Zoho Assist
  •     Splashtop Business
  •     ISL online
  •     Microsoft Remote Desktop
  •     Remmina
  •     Atera
  • UltraVNC

All of above are the best alternatives of TeamViewer. You can choose according to your needs. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. But these all are provide you fast, secure and safe service.

Is TeamViewer Safe to use?

Yes, TeamViewer is safe to use because it uses higher security protocols. TeamViewer is not like the torrent sites which look like they are legal but actually these sites are illegal. These sites offer free movies to its users and try to access their personal data for their own advantages. afilmy 4wap movies such sites are torrent sites which contain illegal content.  Please do not use such sites. Use only safe and secure sites and applications. Otherwise it will be harmful for your device.


Hope this information will be helpful for you to find the best alternative to TeamViewer. Also, you know about TeamViewer and know how it works. We suggest you only use legal and safe applications and sites for your work and entertainment. Some free applications are safe but not all free sites and applications are not safe. So be aware about what you are using. 

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