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Now everyone has a mobile phone. it has become an essential part of everyone’s life. All of our small to big work depends on the mobile phone. Mobile is a great medium of information exchange. From mobile phones we can exchange any type of information in any format like calls, chatting but apart from this we can exchange photos, videos, important documents, Pdf, songs and so on. But directly we can not share photos, videos and other types of information.

Here are some applications available on the internet which provide us with all these facilities. In this blog we will tell you about all of these applications which allow us to exchange information between each other like Shareit. We will discuss many alternatives of shareit. From more information, please read full blog:


What is shareit?

Shareit is a type of application which allows its user to share files like photos, videos and many more with each other. You can share files from shareit in online and offline mode. Shareit also provides other services like you can watch online movies on it for free, it also provides some basic games. Shareit provides multiple services of entertainment. You can enjoy its service just for free. It works for any type of smartphone.

But the main use of shareit is sharing files from one device to another device.

Some popular services of shareit:

As we know shareit is a file sharing application. But it also provides some other services. Some of them are:

  • Watching free movies:

Shareit also offers you watching free movies online like: torrent website filmlinks4u.  The difference is that torrent movies contain a huge collection of movies but shareit has only a limited collection of movies.

  • Gaming platform:

Shareit’s updated version has many HTML5 games. You can also play games on shareit. This is the best option of shareit.

  •     Offline and online service modes:

you can share files in both modes offline and online. You can watch movies online on it. Or you can play games on it offline. So it provides both services.

  • High quality file sharing:

Shareit shares files in higher qualities. It maintains your file quality while file transmission. Other applications ruin your file quality.

  • Free service:

All services provided by shareit is free of cost. All you need is to send file between devices is a good internet and a Bluetooth connection. It does not charge for any service.

Best Alternatives of share:


As we know that shareit is very popular for its services. Because it is a Chinese application now it is banned in india. There are many alternatives available on the internet. Do not worry. In this blog we will tell you many best alternatives of shareit:

  •     Send Anywhere:

Send Anywhere is just like shareit but there is no need of internet connection for sharing file on it. You have to just enter a 6 digits code and you can share file between multiple devices at once.

  •     JioSwtich:

JioSwtich is also used for file sharing between devices. You can send files from one device to another without having any internet connection.

  • MX Player:

Mx player also offers sharing features in it. The MX player is used for watching movies on it. But you can send your file using the MX share feature of MX Player.

As we have many alternatives of shareit such as: Zayapa, Z share, Share karo, Files Go, Nearby Share and so on.


In this blog we shared complete information about shareit. Shareit provide many services like: file sharing and online free movies. But shareit is banned in India, so we shared with you many other options through which you can share your file easily. And for watching free movies online there are many torrent sites are available on internet like: Prmovies. These sites provides you latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free. but these websites are not safe to use. Many people use these site because these sites provide free  movies. Using torrent sites can be risky for you and your device as well. 

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