All Brands Love To Have Different Types Of Custom Packaging

Packaging is a thing we are bombarded with on an everyday basis. It’s the topmost concern of every brand to create an eye-catching package that appeals to the customer. Well-designed custom boxes stand out on retail shelves. They provide an awesome display for your products and make your brand recognizable to a large audience. A packaging design gives you inspiration on where to start.

Techniques of  Custom Packaging:

Rising concerns about environmental issues and the desire to innovate have changed the way designers think. Big brands have started introducing limited-edition custom printed boxes wholesale with alternative designs to analyze customer behavior. Thus, creating the perfect package is all about creativity and skills. Below are some of the best types of packaging that all brands love to have:

Use the product itself

Let the product say something about your brand. Combine your product with its packaging to make a wonderful statement. Let us take the example of Trident chewing gum. It has beautifully used the product in its Custom boxes. The packaging is designed with an illustration of a man’s mouth. The Trident gum is displayed inside it, representing white teeth.

Simplicity is magical

Apple is a brand, recognized all over the world. Its packaging has made a special place in the hearts of people due to its simplicity and minimalism. The packaging of the Apple iPhone is one of its masterpieces. The brand has kept things simple both inside and out. A single-colored box showcases only four things; the product name, brand logo, a beautiful shot of the product, and the product’s information. The iPhone accessories are kept inside the white boxes in an elegant style by using inserts. The packaging is perfect enough to tie the entire brand together.

Work on the shape

Working on innovative shapes helps your products stand out. Introducing something unique other than rectangular boxes is an effective way to attract customers. Let us take the example of these bowties. The brand has designed the window boxes in a unique way. The custom cut-out is given the shape of the bow to make the product completely visible. Such a type of window box is perfect for attracting a number of customers.

Reusable Custom Packaging

Puma is a world-famous brand. It previously designed “Clever Little Bags”, which have made its products stand out. The bags are reusable with eco-friendly boxes inside them. The shoes are first placed in Kraft boxes and then in the bags, making them easy to carry. The box can be easily pulled out of the bag to access the product. It is one of the biggest examples of green packaging, reducing the amount of raw material being thrown away.

Get Artsy

Getting artistic with your product increases its appeal to the customer. This spaghetti skyscraper is something really amazing. The credit goes to its wonderful packaging. A plastic mold placed at the bottom of white boxes forces the pasta to come out in the shape of this skyscraper building. As the customers consume the product, it constantly reminds them how fantastic your product and brand are.

Design Internally

Brands love to create packaging which utilizes every inch of space. Working on the internal design of the box is a good way to outshine your products. You may introduce a floral pattern or a random print on the interior. Such a type of packaging is recommended in the case of high-value products like cosmetic boxes. This makes both your product and its packaging look upscale.

Work on Practicality

Creating a functional and practical packaging system is one of the main concerns of every brand. Giving a sneak peek at your display boxes to create a handle is an innovative idea. This makes customers carry the products easily. The packaging is given the shape of gabble boxes with built-in handles. Moreover, it eliminates the use of additional paper packaging to deliver the products.

Incorporate beauty

People are always attracted to beautiful things. Creating something striking can make them feel good. The eco-friendly boxes for green tea are designed in a natural and attractive manner, having the illustration of birds. Moreover, the design is incorporated into tea bags. They are given the shape of a bird, similar to one printed on white Kraft boxes for tea. It gives the feeling of a bird floating gracefully in your cup.

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