7 Common Mistakes That Students Do In The Dissertation Results Chapter

Dissertation writing is one of the most important tasks of one’s academic life. Most probably, it is the lengthiest writing task that students have to complete within the suggested time. Without writing it, one cannot grab his/ her research degree. Moreover, to become an author or to get your research work published in a reputed journal, the result chapter of the dissertation must be written more precisely. For the acceptance of your paper at the journal of your own choice, the dissertation results section must be drafted very carefully. Thereby, the article will help the students to know about common mistakes often found in the dissertation results chapter, so they can get good marks in their dissertation or get their work published as soon as possible.

Dissertation Results Chapter – A Brief Description

Mostly it is the fourth chapter of a dissertation that aims to present all the facts and figures found through thorough research to give the solution to the research problem. It must report the findings after conducting either statistical or non-statistical methods of analysis. Graphs, tables, or even pie charts are common forms of visual representations of results that help others quickly understand your findings. It must start with a precise introduction, and the body must contain the qualitative or quantitative findings with a graphical representation or end with a brief discussion of the results. Moreover, in many dissertations, the discussion section is combined with the conclusion section of a dissertation.

Even after knowing about the essential components of a dissertation results chapter, students often commit some common mistakes. Let’s see what common mistakes you must need to avoid.

Detailed Introduction

In the dissertation research chapter, a detailed introduction is not needed. There should be a little focus on the introduction and maximum focus on the results you have derived during your research work. The results in this chapter should be summarized.

Not Adding The Description With All Tables And Graphs

The dissertation results chapter is considered good if it contains tables and graphs to show your findings. The tables and graphs in the dissertation results chapter will help the reader to quickly understand your findings. For this, there must be a proper description of all tables and graphs. The graphs and tables without appropriate brief discussion are useless for the reader because they fail to get the information properly that you want to convey them.

The Information Does Not Follow The Sequence Provided In The Methods

The sequence of all the information is really necessary for the dissertation results chapter. The dissertation results chapter tells the story of your findings. If the story is told in a well-sequenced and proper manner, then it is valuable for others; otherwise, it is useless. In the same way, if all the information is not sequenced as provided in the methods, then this chapter loses its credibility.

Using Future Or Present Tense To Report The Results

The dissertation results chapter is written after completing the required research work. All the findings during that work are reported in this dissertation chapter. So it must be written in the past tense. Writing the results in the present or future tense is considered a grammatical error that, in turn, decreases the worth of your writing. Thus, the best tense to report your finding is the past indefinite tense, even though the past continuous tense is also recommended to use at various places.

Addition Of Discussion Along With The Results

Results should be precise and accurate. It should not be dragged on a lot. The to-the-point results will increase the credibility of the dissertation results chapter. Too much discussion, along with the results, should not be added. The discussion of results should be stated separately.

Data Fabrication And Data Falsification

The findings of your research work are very important but reporting these findings correctly and authentically is vital. Data fabrication means you are adding supposed results in order to complete the protocol of your research work. Data falsification means you are incorrectly adding the data in your dissertation results chapter, which you failed to derive during your research work. So, avoiding both of these academic mistakes is necessary to provide your audience with only quality information.

Presenting All The Results In The Textual Form

The dissertation results chapter is the cream of your dissertation. The quality of your research work is judged by this chapter. If this chapter is not properly written, all your efforts have become useless and fruitless. So the dissertation results chapter should be reader’s friendly. All the major findings should be written in a way that leaves deep impressions on the reader’s mind. Moreover, being precise will help your audience get your point as quickly and easily as possible.

Reading all the textual forms to get the results is most troublesome for the reader. This makes a problem for the reader on one side or irritates them on another. So to get over these points, you should not add too much text; you should include visual forms like graphs, tables, charts etc.

To avoid these mistakes, you can take help from different platforms or hire British dissertation writing services to enhance the quality of your dissertation. Their writers can help you to manage your dissertation results chapter in the most acceptable format. It also helps you to get rid of grammatical and spelling mistakes. These platforms also provide software to draw different visual forms.

Final Thoughts

In short, the dissertation results chapter is the most significant part of the dissertation. The use of better writing skills and appropriate terminologies in this chapter will yield a masterpiece of your work. For this, you just need to avoid the above-stated seven most common mistakes. In light of this, you should avoid maximum description and drags by adding inaccurate findings, adding too much text, lacking labelled figures, graphs and tables and writing in the present or future tense. You should write precise, accurate and to-the-point findings in your dissertation results chapter in a visually well-labelled form.

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