4 Must Have Accessories For Your Action Camera

If you are planning on buying an action camera, there are a few accessories you should have in mind. This includes things like an action camera microphone attachment, a tripod mount, and a dual battery set with charger.

Action camera microphone attachment

A good action camera microphone attachment will improve the quality of your audio recordings. A good microphone can also help you capture ambient sound. However, the audio may be distorted if you attach a microphone too close to the camera.

When buying an action camera, you might be wondering whether to use an external or built-in microphone. The former will pick up sounds from all around you, while the latter will only record sounds in front of the camera. If you want to use the latter, you can connect it in a few different ways.

Using a wireless microphone system will give you more freedom of movement and allow you to record high-quality audio. But it’s important to make sure your microphone is properly positioned before you go shooting. This way, you don’t get a fuzzy recording.

GoPro Tripod Mount

One of the most important accessories for your GoPro action camera is a tripod mount. It allows you to connect your camera to a standard tripod so you can shoot still photos or videos.

Tripods are handy when you need to take time lapse videos. You can also use them for live streaming.

There are several types of tripods available for your GoPro. These include the GoPro HD mount, which is compatible with GoPro Hero 7, 8, and 9. The mount also includes a wide-angle panning bed, making it possible to get immersive shots.

Another type of mount is the windshield mount, which offers 360-degree tilt and rotation. This model weighs about 0.62 pounds and holds your GoPro steady while you are recording a lapse video.

Some GoPro models come with a dome port, which is ideal for underwater shots. The port is transparent, allowing you to see through it and push water away from your lens.

DeKaSi Seeker Backpack

The DeKaSi Seeker backpack is an excellent option for anyone looking to carry their action camera. With a sturdy, weather-resistant design, it is ideal for rugged situations. This durable, yet surprisingly lightweight backpack has space for multiple action cameras and accessories. It even comes with a free rain cover!

While the main compartment is large enough to fit a full-sized action camera, the other two are smaller. This allows for greater flexibility when organizing your gear. There are plenty of slip pockets to organize your small items.

In addition to its large main compartment, the Seeker is equipped with an integrated chest mount. The mount is easily adjustable, making it easy to find the best angle for your camera. A tail light also comes with the pack, flashing when braking and accelerating.

Dual Battery Set with Charger

A Dual Battery Set with Charger can be a great way to get more power for your rig. It can allow you to keep your fridge cool, power your radio and auxiliary gear, and be the power source for your action camera. You can even use it to start your vehicle.

There are many different types of batteries. The most common are lead acid, lithium and gel batteries. Lithium batteries have increased capacities and reduced weight. Their charging time is half that of conventional lead acid batteries. Using lithium batteries isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Most manufacturers include a charger with their battery setups. This is the best way to get a full charge on a battery in a hurry. If you’re camping off the grid, consider using a solar panel as a secondary battery.

GoPro 3-Way Grip

Whether you’re using a GoPro to capture footage from a remote location or to capture the best possible angles for your follow-cam footage, there are many accessories available that can help improve your footage. Whether you want to stabilize your shots, get extra batteries or protect your camera from damage, there’s a GoPro accessory that’s right for you.

Having a good tripod can really help to stabilize your footage. You can use one of the many official mounts or an extendable tripod. This is especially important if you’re shooting in the sea.

The GoPro tripod grip is waterproof and can be extended to 19.5 inches. It’s lightweight and easy to use.

While it’s not ideal for high winds, it’s a great option for light travel. Another useful GoPro accessory is the 3-Way selfie stick.

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